Board of Directors

Board positions are open for election (typically at the spring seminar) as follows:

Chris Coleman
Contra Costa County Criminalistics Laboratory
2530 Arnold Drive, Ste 200
Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 335-1600
FAX (925) 335-1601
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  • Second year of 3 year term (1 year as President-Elect, 1 as President, 1 as Past-President)
  • Calls for Transitional Board Meeting immediately following the May Business Meeting
  • Presides over business (2x) and board meetings (4x)
  • Organizes the board meetings not held in conjunction with a seminar
  • Answers all correspondence/inquiries or directs them to the appropriate board member or committee
  • Assigns tasks to board members or committees
  • Helps establish the board meeting agendas
  • Resolves disputes within the organization
  • Reads and hands off ethics matters to Ethics Committee Chairperson
  • Fills committee assignments
  • Passes the coconut and medallion of office to the President-Elect at the banquet

Immediate Past President:
Gregory Laskowski
  • Final year of 3 year term (1 year as President-Elect, 1 as President, 1 as Past-President)
  • Transfers all files to the President
  • Insures an orderly transition to the next President
  • Advises the President concerning on-going issues
  • Serves as the Chair of the New Member Committee
  • Ex-officio member of the CCI Advisory Committee
  • Helps coordinate the "New Member Reception" at each semi-annual seminar
  • Tracks the W. Jack Cadman award
  • Takes over acting President duties in case of the absence of the President and the President Elect

Brooke Barloewen
Santa Clara County DA Crime Lab
250 West Hedding Street
San Jose, CA 95110-1717
(408) 808-5900
FAX (408) 275-6245
  • First year of 3 year term (1 year as President-Elect, 1 as President, 1 as Past-President)
  • Replaces the President if the position is unfilled or the President is absent
  • Ex-officio member of the Endowment Committee
  • Maintains and updates the electronic inventory tracking system for CAC equipment
  • Ex-officio member of the Financial Review Committee
  • Responsible for the yearly Salary Survey to be completed for inclusion in the 1st quarter CAC News
  • Assumes the Presidency at the May Banquet

Recording Secretary:
Kirsten Fraser
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Scientific Services Bureau
1800 Paseo Rancho Castilla
Los Angeles, CA 90032
(323) 267-6110
FAX (323) 276-1962
  • Two year term
  • Takes the minutes during the Board of Director and Business Meetings
  • Maintains a policy file which records all motions passed during the meetings
  • Keeps the seal of the Corporation and affixes it to documents as required
  • Maintains the file of all official correspondence
  • Prepares and sends out announcements of Business Meetings to the Membership thirty days prior to the meeting
  • Sends out the announcement of Board of Directors Meetings to board members and committee chairs and assembles the package of reports for the meeting
  • Prepares the agenda in conjunction with the President

Helena Wong
Oakland Police Department Laboratory
455 7th St Rm 608
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 238-3386
FAX (510) 238-6555
  • Two year term
  • Receives and safely keeps all funds of the Corporation
  • Deposits funds in designated banks
  • Supervises and controls the keeping of the books and accounts of the Corporation
  • Maintains bank accounts, pays expenses, prepares financial reports, collects dues, pays taxes
  • Monitors all purchases made by the Seminar Planning Committee and current seminar host(s)
  • Orders journals
  • Prepares CAC budget
  • Ex-Officio member of the Endowment Committee
  • Ex-Officio member of the Seminar Planning Committee
  • Ex-Officio member of the Financial Review Committee

Editorial Secretary:
Meiling Robinson
Los Angeles Police Department
1800 Paseo Rancho Castilla
Los Angeles, CA 90032
(323) 415-8849
FAX: (323) 276-1944
  • Two year term
  • Edits and publishes the CAC News quarterly
  • Writes an editorial column for the CAC News
  • Communicates with the preparer of the CAC News
  • Communicates with the Journal of The Forensic Science Society and the Journal of Forensic Sciences (AAFS journal) staff
  • Communicates with other forensic associations
  • Communicates with the CAC Webmaster(s)
  • Chairperson of the Publications Committee
  • Appoints a committee for any required technical edits of the CAC News

Membership Secretary:
Michelle Halsing
CA DOJ Jan Bashinski DNA Lab
1003 W. Cutting Blvd
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 620-3571
FAX (510) 231-8744
  • Two year term
  • Maintains membership files
  • Reviews membership applications for qualifications and completeness
  • Corresponds with applicants to obtain additional information as required
  • Corresponds with applicants who have not successfully met the requirements or were not approved by the membership
  • Maintains log regarding each applicant to track his/her status
  • Prepares membership certificates
  • Ex-officio member of the New Member Committee
  • Maintains email correspondence with membership to update them as to meetings and other important information

Regional Director North:
Alice Neumann Hilker
San Mateo Co Sheriff's Office Forensic Lab
50 Tower Road
San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 312-5540
FAX (650) 356-0351
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  • Two year term
  • Represents CAC members in the Northern part of the state (Fresno County/San Luis Obispo-Southern Boundary), northern Nevada, and all other states except Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas
  • Assigns and helps with organizing regional study group/luncheon or dinner meetings
  • Appoints study group chairs
  • Responsible for the publicity of the meetings

Regional Director South:
Jamie Daughetee
Los Angeles Regional Crime Laboratory
1800 Paseo Rancho Castilla
Los Angeles, CA 90032
(323) 260-8500
FAX (323) 276-1958
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