CAC Committees & Their Duties

Committee members are appointed by the current President. Open Committee positions can be filled at any time. However, appointments to Committees with defined terms/rotating chairpersons are typically made by the new President after he or she takes office in the Spring. Updated: February 15, 2018

ABC Certification Committee Awards Committee By-laws Committee
CCI Advisory Committee Education Committee Endowment Committee
Ethics Committee Financial Review Committee Founder's Lecture Committee
Historical Committee Legislation Analysis Committee Merchandise Committee
New Member Committee Nominating Committee Publications Committee
Seminar Planning Committee Training & Resources Committee Non-committee Jobs

ABC Certification Committee

Greg Matheson (CAC Representative)
Laura Silva (Examination Committee)
Christine Pinto (At-large Appointee)
Committee Details:
  • 3 year + term
  • Attend ABC Board Meetings twice/yr.
  • Help formulate examinations.
  • Discuss and vote on ABC issues.
  • Represent CAC interests with the ABC.
  • Encourage, organize, and proctor exams.
  • Work on tasks as assigned by ABC.
  • Prepare four reports per year to the Board of Directors.

Awards Committee

Jonathan Charron (chair)
Rosary Marcelo-Li
Danielle Baute
Committee Details:

Bylaws Committee

Adam Dutra (chair)
Amy Lee
Catherine Currier
Committee Details:
  • No defined term minimum.
  • Periodic review of bylaws to make sure they are up-to-date.
  • Work with the Board to suggest and make proposals to change the bylaws.

CCI Advisory Committee

Immediate Past President (ex-officio member)
Training and Resources Chairperson
Committee Details:
  • Attends meeting(s) called by the CCI Manager to review the CCI program.
  • Represents the CAC interests at this meeting.
  • Presents to the Board the results of this meeting.

Education Committee

Katherine Roberts (chair)
Tamar Powell (north)
Ivette Ruvalcaba (south)
Committee Details:

Endowment Committee

Nessa Rosenbaum (chair)
Susan Molloy
Patricia Huck
President-elect (ex-officio member)
Treasurer (ex-officio member)
Committee Details:

Ethics Committee

Kim Willey (1st year)
Jeff Thompson (2nd year - chair)
Jennifer Mihalovich (3rd year)
Committee Details:

Financial Review Committee

Regina Davidson(1st year)
Becky Berlin(2nd year - chair) Jennie Smythe (3rd year)
President-elect (ex-officio member)
Treasurer (ex-officio member)
Committee Details:

Founder's Lecture Committee

Jennifer Mihalovich (chair)
John DeHaan
Committee Details:

Historical Committee

Lisa Schliebe (chair)
Alex Taflya
Shannan Kelly
Committee Details:
  • No defined term minimum.
  • Set up historical displays/presentations for the semi-annual seminars.
  • Keep track of CAC history.
  • Store historical/significant CAC items.

Legislation Analysis Committee

Jessica James (chair)
Katherine Roberts
Alan Keel
Donald Finley
Kenton Wong
Committee Details:
  • To be added soon

Merchandise Committee

Michelle Halsing (chair)
Committee Details:

New Member Committee

Immediate Past President (chair)
Membership Secretary
Deborah Stonebarger
Lisa Merzwski
Seminar Chairperson (from host laboratory of current seminar - NOT 'Seminar Planning Committee' chairperson)
Committee Details:
  • 1 year term (duty of Immediate Past President).
  • Hosts New Member Reception held after the two CAC business meetings.
  • Coordinates with the seminar planning chairperson(s) to get the room, food, beverages for the reception.
  • Sets up activities for the reception including welcoming the new members, introducing them to the CAC and the officers.
  • Acts as a resource for new member questions.
  • Acts as a resource for the Board of Directors and the President as to recent past history.

Nominating Committee

Robert Binz (chair)
Shannon Cavness
Committee Details:

Publications Committee

Editorial Secretary (chair)
John Houde
Committee Details:
  • Minimum 2 year term (chaired by Editorial Secretary)
  • Interface with the publisher of the CAC News.
  • Communicate with other journals and the media.
  • See Editorial Secretary duties.

Seminar Planning Committee

Meghan Mannion Gray (Chair)
Meagan Gallagher
Stephanie Callian
Treasurer (ex-officio member)
Last seminar chair (rotating member)
Next 4 seminar chairs (rotating members)
Committee Details:
  • Chairperson has no defined term minimum.
  • Set up regular meetings after every seminar.
  • Provide guidance/suggestions and communications to future chairs.
  • Review hotel contracts.
  • Review preliminary budget reports from upcoming seminars.
  • Write quarterly reports to the Board of Directors summarizing the committee's activities.
  • Update the Seminar Planning Guide for website as needed.

Training and Resources Committee

Trevor Gillis (chair)
Veronica Chiquillo
Ariel Lising
Steven Crotti
Jessica James
Committee Details:

Additional Non-committee Jobs

CACLD Liaision:
Connie Milton
Facilitate communication between the CAC and CACLD and keep each organization updated on the other's activities.

AAFS Regional Association Committee (RAC) Representative:
Greg Matheson
The RAC Committee meets once per year at the AAFS meeting and holds a couple of conference calls per year. The purpose of this committee is for regional organizations to work together to learn from each other and improve the delivery of services to all of their members.

Treasurer's Assistant:
Aids Treasurer primarily in the collection of membership dues. Other duties can be assigned to this person if it is mutually agreed upon by the Treasurer's Assistant and the Treasurer.

Eric Halsing
Bonnie Cheng
Regina Davidson
Stephen Lu
Kathe Canlas (Social Media Specialist)
Contact Webmasters
  • Work directly under the current CAC Editorial Secretary.
  • Maintain CAC web site:
    • Post and remove files and links as necessary.
    • Work closely with study group and seminar organizers.
    • Upgrade site as needed.
    • Communicate with web host company as necessary.
    • Consult with Editorial Secretary and John Houde for content direction and advice.
    • The webmaster often represents the CAC as he/she interacts with members of the public and/or members of similar organizations. The webmaster should always do so in a timely, friendly, and professional manner.