Life Members
2017 Gary Sims
2016 Mary Gibbons
2015 John Houde
2014 Peter Barnett
2014 John DeHaan
2014 Raymond J. Davis
2013 Hiram Evans
2012 Peter DeForest
2010 John Murdock
2009 John Thornton
2008 Sandra Wiersema
2007 Duayne Dillon
2007 Patricia Lough
2007 Morris Grodsky
2006 Robert Blackledge
2004 Kathryn (Holmes) Clayton
2004 Joseph Orantes
2003 Louis Maucieri
2002 James White
2002 Jan Bashinski
1999 W. Jerry Chisum
1998 Charles Morton
1992 Robert Cooper
1989 George Roche
1981 Allan Gilmore
?? James Brackett
?? Don Harding
?? Carol Hunter
?? William Lee
?? Lindberg B. 'Ed' Miller
?? Dorothy Northey
?? Robert Stettler
?? Anthony Longhetti
?? Lowell Bradford
?? W. Jack Cadman

CAC Life Members

To become a Life Member of the California Association of Criminalists is to receive one of the highest honors the Association can bestow upon someone. Life Members are recognized as Criminalists who have dedicated much of their professional lives toward serving Criminalitics and the CAC. These members retain all rights and privileges of a Full Member, but are excused from all assessments, dues, and seminar registration fees. From the Bylaws of our organization, the group of CAC Life Members are:

  1. All persons who were Life Members of the predecessor unincorporated association, the California Association of Criminalists, or those persons who were subsequently elected to the class of Life Member.
  2. Any Full Member who has an exemplary record of service to the CAC and the Field of criminalistics and who has been elected a Life Member by the Board of Directors.

Here are listed are all who have ever been elevated to Life Member and the year they were honored. If you happen to know any of the missing dates, please let us know!

To nominate someone for Life Membership, you must contact the CAC President and be able to explain in adequate detail why you believe this person deserving of this high honor.