Roger Sherman Greene III Memorial Award

This award was instituted in 1963 and is designed to honor individuals who have made truly outstanding contributions to the profession of criminalistics. The award will only be given to criminalists or specialists in a scientific discipline within the field of criminalistics. Any qualifying persons are eligible, not just members of CAC. The principal reason for making the award would be an outstanding contribution to the field of criminalistics. Contributions which have aided or promoted the work and development of CAC should be considered to be of importance, but qualified persons outside of this organization are eligible. Contributions will include any one or combination of the following:

Past Recipients
2002 Anthony Longhetti (posthumous)
1997 Lucian Haag
1991 Dr. Walter C. McCrone
1977 Lowell Bradford
1976 John Davis
1971 Bryan Culliford
1970 Jack Cadman
1966 Paul Kirk
1965 Ray Pinker
Under normal circumstances, the award will not be given for a specific paper presented or for some other routine activity. Rather, the award is for unusual and outstanding work. In most instances, the receiver should be what most members would class as a skilled and experienced worker of high ability and integrity within the professional field of criminalistics. While no monetary or other benefit will be given in connection with the award, it should be considered by the recipient as a sign of respect and admiration for the work in the professional field of criminalistics. Awards may be presented for contributions meeting the basic requirements which have occurred at any time.

To nominate someone for the Roger Sherman Greene III Memorial Award, contact the awards committee