CAC Founder's Lectures

In August of 1985, a motion was made to the Board of Directors by Steve Shaffer to establish a series of lectures which would be known as the Founder's Lecture. In October of that same year, the Founder's Lecture Committee was formed to facilitate and arrange the lectures. From 1988 to 2013, John DeHaan was the Committee Chair. The lectures take place every 18 months, so that they alternate between North and South.

Below, the video and/or the text of some of the lectures is available. Unfortunately, not all of the lectures are available. As more are acquired, they will be posted here. If you happen to know the whereabouts of any others, please contact the CAC Webmasters so we can make them available. Updated: November 02, 2015

Fall 2015 Burlingame Dr. Henry Erlich Video
Spring 2014 San Diego John Murdock Text | Video
Fall 2012 San Jose George Sensabaugh Video
Spring 2011 Long Beach Lucien Haag Video
Fall 2009 San Jose Dr. Jay Siegel Text
Spring 2008 San Diego Jim White Text
Fall 2006 Temecula Brian Wraxall Text
Spring 2005 Oakland Chuck Morton  
Fall 2003 San Diego Fred Wynbrandt Text
Spring 2002 San Francisco Brian Caddy Text
Fall 2000 Glendale Jerry Chisum Text
Spring 1999 Oakland Anthony Longhetti  
October 1997 Irvine Dr. Peter Deforest Video
May 1996 Millpitas Douglas M. Lucas Text | Video
October 21, 1994 Pasadena Margaret Pereira Text | Video
Spring 1993 Berkeley Lowell Bradford, Dave Burd, Jack Cadman, Bob Cooper, Don Harding, Harry Johnson, and Anthony Longhetti Video
Fall 1991 Ontario James W. Osterburg Text | Video
Spring 1990 Millbrae Dr. Walter C. McCrone Video
October 20, 1988 Costa Mesa Stuart S. Kind Text | Video
1983 Orange County W. Jack Cadman, Joe Orantes, and Anthony Longhetti Text | Video