Applying for CAC Membership

There are two types of entry-level membership: one for employed criminalists and one for students or graduates that are actively pursuing a career in forensic science. You can and should reference the Bylaws before applying. But here is a summary of the two membership types:

Associate Membership

All persons elected to membership other than as Affiliate Member, shall be classified as Associate Members for not less than one year. An Associate Member may be proposed for a class of Full Member after one year. Before an application for Associate Membership will be evaluated, two recommendations must be received by Full, Associate, Retired, or Life members of the CAC.

Affiliate Membership

Any college-level student, intern, laboratory technician, or volunteer employed in a forensic science laboratory pursuing a course of study or a career in a forensic science. Any application for Affiliate Membership must be submitted with the recommendation of a Full, Associate, Retired, or Life member of the Association.

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The CAC Bylaws document is available in Portable Document Format (PDF) which allows anyone to view, save, and print it no matter which browser or computer operating system they are using. PDF files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. For more information on Acrobat Reader, or to get it free, check out our Acrobat Reader Information page.