Alfred A. Biasotti
Most Outstanding Presentation Award

On January 10, 1986 the Board of Directors approved an award for the most outstanding presentation given by a member at the semi-annual seminars. The intention of this award is to increase the exchange of information in Forensic Science, encourage CAC members to present papers, promote creative and quality presentations, and recognize outstanding presentations at CAC Seminars. In 1998 the Board of Directors honored Al Biasotti by changing the name of the award to the Alfred A. Biasotti Most Outstanding Presentation Award. The award consists of a $200 stipend from CAC funds and a certificate presented at the Awards Banquet of a subsequent Seminar.

Past Recipients

Spring 2017 Adam Dutra Combining DNA and Crime Scene
Fall 2016 Jay Vargas Evaluation of an Invertebrate Animal Model System for Determining the Adverse Effect of Synthetic Drugs
Spring 2016 John Houde Having The Discussion
Fall 2015 Todd Weller Confirmation Bias: A Large Scale Evaluation of Past Firearms Comparison Casework
Spring 2015 Dean Gialamas A National Perspective on Forensic Science: How the NCFS Will Impact Our Work
Fall 2014 Mignon Dunbar Let's Get Naked
Spring 2014 Chelsea Carter & Raegan Carter Top Shelf or Any Shelf: A Blood Alcohol Storage Study
Fall 2013 Meghan Mannion Gray Mendocino County Murder Solved After 25 Years
Spring 2013 Robert Thompson 2D/3D Topography Comparisons of Toolmarks Generated by Consecutively Manufactured Chisels and Punches
Fall 2012 Eric Halsing The Witness Execution of Tong Van Le
Spring 2012 Greg Laskowski An Unusual Tool Mark/Fracture Mark Case
Fall 2011 Eric Collins & Pamela Hofsas "Reconstruction of an Unusual Officer-Involved Shooting: A Multidisciplinary Approach" & "When Your Cold Case Turns Hot, Hot, Hot!"
Spring 2011 Joseph Cavaleri The Murder of LA County Police Captain Sparkes
Fall 2010 Todd Weller The Confocal Microscopy Analysis of Ten Consecutively Manufactured Ruger P95 Breech Faces
Spring 2010 Mark Bennett Forensic Investigation of the Shooting Deaths of Four Oakland Police Officers On March 21st, 2009
Fall 2009 Pamela Hofsass "O Brother Where Art Thou?" A Case of Familial Identity
Spring 2009 Greg Laskowski The Harper Family Murder Trial: Kern County's First Quintuple Homicide
Fall 2008 John Murdock Firearm and Toolmark Identification - Meeting the Daubert Reliability Challenge
Spring 2008 Ramond Davis The Imprecision of the Expert's Language
Fall 2007 Pamela Hofsass The Recovery, Characterization, and Assessment of Contact DNA Collected from Firearms Using a qPCR Triplex Method and STR analysis
Spring 2007 Elana Quinones The Recovery, Development, and Individualization of Latent Fingerprints Submerged in Salt Water
Fall 2006 James S. Hamiel Evaluation and Application of Polynomial Texture Mapping (PTM) in the Area of Shoe/Tire Impression Evidence
  John S. Yoshida Unknown
Spring 2006 Steven Lee Evaluation of Zeolite and Chitosan as Substrates for Collection and Storage of DNA
Fall 2005 Harry Klann DNA for Dummies: An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis
Spring 2005 Abbegayle Dodds Forensic Glass Analysis by LA-ICP-MS: Assessing the Feasability of Correlating Windshield Composition and Supplier
Fall 2004 Greg Laskowski Firing a Baretta Model 950B .25 cal Underwater
Spring 2004 John DeHaan Exploding Gas Cans and Other Fire Myths
Fall 2003 Tanya Dulaney and Jennifer Shen The Investigation of the Kidnapping of Danielle Van Dam: the Physical Evidence Perspective
Spring 2003 Dean Gialamas Vanishing With a Trace: Reconstructing the Events of a Crime Using Trace Evidence
Fall 2002 Jerry Chisum Detecting the Staged Crime Scene
Spring 2002 Charlene Marie A Halloween Homicide
Fall 2001 Marianne Stam The Dirt's on You
Spring 2001 Unknown
Fall 2000 James Carroll An Evaluation of Various Griess and Modified Griess Test Protocols
Spring 2000 Lucian Haag The Antecedents of Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation or Contemporary Russian 7.62x29mm Ammunition
Spring 2000 John DeHaan Compartment Fires: Cubicle Fire Tests, 1996-98
Fall 1999 Robert Blackledge Comparison of Questioned Ink Entries on Separate Documents Via TLC Followed by VSC-I and image Analysis Processing or Application of Electrospray and MALDI Mass Spectrometry to the Identification of Spermicide Traces on Sexual Assault Evidence
Spring 1999 Kevin Andera Microchemical Identification of Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
Fall 1998 Luke Haag The Design, Composition, Exterior Ballistic Properties of Contemporary Frangible Ammunition
Spring 1998 Jerry Chisum Pitfalls in Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation
  Robert Blackledge Additional Forensic Science Application of FT-NIR Spectroscopy
Spring 1997 Faye Springer The Sam Strange Case
Spring 1990 Rebecca Reynolds Detection of Sequence Differences Between Gc Variants Using the Polymerase Chain Reaction
Fall 1988 Teresa Spear An Evaluation of the HemeSelect Immunochemical Test for the Identification of Human Bloodstain
Fall 1986 Loren Sugarman The Concentration and Isolation of Gunshot Residues for Paticle Analysis