Paul Kirk and Presidents Award

Past Recipients
2016  Helena Wong
2014  Brittany Crane
2012  Philip Hess
2010  Robert Binz
2008  Laura Silva
2006  Todd Weller
2004  Adam Dutra
2003  Emma Titterton (FSS)
2002  James Carrol
2001  Gemma Escott (FSS)
2000  Kevin Andera
1998  Stephanie Winter-Sermeno
1996  Brian Burritt
1994  Dean Gialamas
1993  Ronald Nichols
1992  Elizabeth Thompson
1991  John Davis
1990  Jennifer Mihalovich
1989  Kenny Wong
1988  Mary Murphy Hong
1987  Richard Brown
1986  Eric Parsons
1985  Laurie Rawlinson (DeHaan)
1984  David Sugiyama
1983  Teresa Spear
1982  Allen Garrett

In 1982 the General Section of the American Academy of Forensic Science established a fund to recognize outstanding new members to the profession of criminalistics. The General Section yearly awarded a $100 cash stipend to each of the seven region associations, including the CAC for this purpose. The Paul Kirk Award was an outgrowth of the General Section's award.

The Presidents Award was established in 1994 to encourage a collegial relationship between the CAC and the Forensic Science Society in England by promoting scientific exchange and fellowship between members. The award is granted every year to a young forensic scientist. The winner is selected from the CAC in even numbered years and from the Forensic Science Society in odd numbered years. The recipient is sponsored to attend a meeting of the sister organization. In 1995 it was established that the winner of the CAC Paul Kirk Award would also be the recipient of the Presidents Award. The winner of the Society's Young Forensic Scientist Award is the recipient in the alternate years. Therefore after 1994 the Paul Kirk and Presidents Award is a combined award that is granted to a CAC member every two years. For info on the FSS, visit:

Nominations have no requirements except that self-nominations will not be accepted. Candidates must be members of the CAC in any status, and must be employed in the profession for fewer than six years. Employment in the field is defined as full-time employment and shall not include time in pre-professional positions, such as an intern or laboratory technician. During the six-year qualifying period, the candidate should have demonstrated an interest in a professional organization, not limited to the CAC. Candidates must have made at least one of the following contributions to the profession:

To nominate someone (other than yourself) for the Paul Kirk and Presidents Award, complete the Nomination form:

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