Full Member Seminar Lottery

As laboratories are often unable to financially support attendance at the biannual CAC seminars of their technical staff, on 5/20/13, the Board of Directors decided to create a seminar lottery in order to reward a Full Member of the California Association of Criminalists for their membership and to help fund the recipient's attendance at a CAC seminar.

In order to participate in this lottery, CAC members must:

  1. Be classified as a Full Member of the CAC prior to entering the lottery
  2. Enter the lottery through their online account
  3. Agree to pay up-front and request reimbursement after the seminar
  4. Understand that the qualifying expenses will be reimbursed up to $1,000.00
  5. Not be a member of the current CAC Board of Directors

The recipient will be chosen by computer, at random, from all of the Full Members who have entered the lottery by the cutoff date. The recipient is notified immediately by a member of the Board of Directors or designee.

View the Policy statement for further details.

Past Recipients

Fall 2017 Linh Dang CA DOJ BFS Freedom laboratory
Spring 2017 Greg Dooley Los Angeles PD Laboratory
Fall 2016 Ken Lee Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Laboratory
Spring 2016 Lisa Winter Orange Co Sheriff-Coroner Laboratory
Fall 2015 Waliana Dieu Oakland PD Crime Laboratory
Spring 2015 Eucen Fu Los Angeles County Coroner's Laboratory
Fall 2014 Barbara Burritt San Diego Sheriff's Department Laboratory
Spring 2014 Annette McCall Orange Co Sheriff-Coroner Laboratory
Fall 2013 Lawrence Blanton Los Angeles PD Laboratory