Past Recipients

2017 Steven Myers &
Marianne Stam
2016  no award
2015 Brian Burritt
2014 Michael Parigian
2013 Ron Nichols
2012 David Stockwell
2011 Jennifer Mihalovich
2010 Gary Sims
2009 Keith Inman
2008 Dan Gregonis
2007 James Stam
2006 Edwin L. Jones
2005 Mary Gibbons
2004 John Houde
2003 Robert Blackledge
2002 Charles Morton
2001  no award
2000 Greg Matheson
1999 Fred Tulleners
1998 Duayne Dillon
1997 Faye Springer
1996 Anthony Longhetti
1995 Hiram K. Evans
1994 John DeHaan
1993 John Murdock
1992 Peter Barnett
1991 Edward Rhodes
1990 Dorothy Northey
1989 John Thornton
1988 Lucien Haag
1987 Jerry Chisum
1986 James White
1985 Edward Blake
1984 Jan Bashinski
1983 George Sensabaugh

Anthony Longhetti
Distinguished Member Award

CAC members in any category are eligible for this award, which is normally given every year, with nominations coming from the membership. The candidate must have contributed significantly to the Association in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Long term service to the association as a member of the Board of Directors or in committee(s).
  2. Sustained production of papers or technical notes in newsletters or at seminars.
  3. Organization of study groups, workshops, etc.
  4. Significant research and dissemination of the information to the forensic science community (i.e. journal or newsletter publications, seminar papers, workshops, study groups, etc.)
  5. Any other unusual or significant contributions to the improvement of the profession of criminalistics.

In 2002 the Board of Directors honored Anthony (Tony) Longhetti's lifelong service to the Association and the profession of criminalistics by changing the name of the award to the Anthony Longhetti Distinguished Member Award.

To nominate someone for the Anthony Longhetti Distinguished Member Award, complete the Nomination form:

This form is available in Portable Document Format (PDF) which allows anyone to view, save, and print it no matter which browser or computer operating system they are using. PDF files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. For more information on Acrobat Reader, or to get it free, check out our Acrobat Reader Information page.