Best Poster Award

To encourage the presentation of scientific work in poster form at CAC seminars, on January 13, 2014, the CAC Board of Directors and the Awards Committee created a the "Best Poster Award." The winner of this award is chosen by the same three-member panel of judges that is responsible for choosing the Alfred A. Biasotti Most Outstanding Presentation Award. These judges are given evaluation sheets by the Awards Committee at the start of each seminar and will utilize theses sheets to make their selection. Then, the sheets from all three judges are returned to the Awards Committee and the scores tabulated to determine the overall winner of the Best Poster Award.

The award consists of a credit to the winner's online CAC account in the amount of $50. This credit can be used toward payment of membership dues, journal orders, seminar registration, study group luncheons, etc. The award will be credited to the winner's account as soon as the Board is informed of the winner's name. View the Policy statement for further details.

Past Recipients

Spring 2017 Mark LaVigne Time Dependent Analysis of Bleach Degradation Residues on Textile Fabrics by Presumptive Chemical Analysis and Ion Chromatography
Fall 2016 No Posters N/A
Spring 2016 Alexandra Chavez Development of a Multiplex Assay for Simultaneous DNA Quantification and Body Fluid Identification
Fall 2015 Rachel Gordon Whole mtDNA Genome Sequencing Method for Limited and Highly Degraded Bone Samples for use in Forensic Casework
Spring 2015 Gregory G. Hogrebe, Amanda Davis, Katherine Roberts Detection of Bullet v. Non-Bullet Damage to Textile Fabrics
Fall 2014 No Posters N/A
Spring 2014 No Posters N/A