Training and Resources Committee

Welcome to the Training & Resources Committee Page!

Perhaps the most vital of all CAC committees, the Training and Resource Committee is in charge of all training programs offered by the CAC. Below are some of the resources offered by the committee.

This Month in CAC History...
This page was created on 9/4/12 to make the T&R Committee's work more accessible to our members!

Training Videos

The CAC has an extensive collection of streaming videos for training (covering many forensic topics). They are available right here for immediate viewing.

More are being added all the time because the conversion process is laborious. Please check back often!


CAC Funded Classes

Some of the training classes you may be interested in attending are funded in part or entirely by the CAC. If you would like to attend one of these classes but do not have the necessary funds, the CAC may be able to help. To qualify for funding, you must:

  1. Be a CAC member
  2. Find a class or course here: Current Training Classes/Courses
  3. Submit the The CAC Training Application form
  4. Fill out The CCI Course Application form
  5. Contact the Training and Resource Committee

CAC Member Research

Part of the mission of the CAC is to provide funding for research in the field of forensics. Our members can receive funds through our Endowment Committee to conduct research projects. Visit the Research Page to catch up some of the work that you may have missed.