Candidates for the 2015
CAC Board of Directors


After completing my chemistry degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and forensic science master’s degree at U.C. Berkeley, I joined the Santa Clara County Crime Laboratory in 1995. I have worked in controlled substances, latent fingerprint development, crime scenes, hair comparison, and DNA. I am currently a supervisor in the DNA unit, the laboratory’s CODIS administrator, a member of both AAFS and CACLD, an ABC General Criminalistics Fellow, and a DNA QAS Auditor.

I joined the CAC as a student member in 1994, was part of a team that hosted two CAC seminars, and served on the CAC Board of Directors as secretary from 2000-2004. Over the past 20 years as a CAC member, I have attended numerous CAC meetings, made long-lasting friendships, collaborated with my colleagues, and taught many students during their internships in the San Jose State Forensic Science program.

After taking a decade-long hiatus from the CAC Board to perfect my skills of being a soccer mom and softball coach, I would like the opportunity to return to the board and serve as your CAC president.


I am a criminalist at the Oakland Police Department Criminalistics Laboratory. I began my career there in 2009 as an intern and then as a forensic technician. I continued to pursue my passion in forensics by joining professional associations such as the CAC in 2009, by attending as many CAC seminars and various other professional meetings as I can, and by getting certified by the American Board of Criminalistics. I served on the Financial Review Committee in 2012-2014. During this time, I was able to get a sense of the numerous tasks and responsibilities that the CAC Treasurer has and the organization and management skills that are required to maintain order of every detail. I believe that taking on new challenges is that best way to grow and improve myself. I would be honored to serve as CAC treasurer and would greatly appreciate your vote for this opportunity.


I have had the pleasure of working for the Los Angeles Police Dept. as a criminalist assigned to the Serology/DNA unit since October of 2007. I have been a CAC member since September 2006, first as a student affiliate member while enrolled in the criminalistics master’s program at CSULA, then as a full member since May 2009. After three years of serving on the Historical Committee, I was given the privilege to also serve as chair of the Historical Committee. For the past two years as chair, I have coordinated the consolidation and organization of the CAC’s historical documents and archival materials. This included securing a location for the materials, hiring a professional archivist, and coordinating the inventory and processing of the materials. This has allowed the Historical Committee to be able to present materials of historical significance at CAC seminars as well as provide materials for the upcoming IAI’s centennial celebration. The archival project has been on-going and although some work has yet to be completed, the materials are safely stored and the majority of the archives has been categorized and catalogued. Serving on the CAC Historical Committee has allowed me the opportunity to work closely with CAC Board members and other committee chairpersons. This collaboration has helped me develop in my career, enabling me to grow as a criminalist and as a professional in the field of forensic science.

I hope to continue my service to the CAC membership by transitioning to the responsibility of editorial secretary. I am thankful to the Nominating Committee and to my fellow CAC members for this opportunity to contribute as a member of the Board of Directors. I appreciate your encouragement and support in this endeavor.


It is a pleasure to be nominated by the CAC for the position of regional director, south. I am excited and looking forward to potentially serving on the board for CAC. I have been a member of the CAC for about 15 years now, where I first joined the organization as a student member while attending graduate school. Throughout the years I have attended many CAC biannual meetings, as well as study groups. Currently, I am the southern study group chair of DNA. Holding this position has been a valuable experience and there is so much that I have learned. The study group chair position has encouraged me to stay up-to-date with current topics in DNA as well as network within in the forensic community. I anticipate holding the regional director south position could only build on the positive experiences I have already had with the CAC.

Again, thank you for your nomination and consideration.