Candidates for the 2014
CAC Board of Directors


I am a Deputy Sheriff Forensic Supervisor with the Contra Costa Office of the Sheriff, Forensic Services Division. I supervise the Comparative Evidence (Firearms) Section in our Laboratory. I am also a lead firearms instructor and force option instructor with our department and I am a POST certified Instructor at our Law Enforcement Academy. I have been with Contra Costa County for 13 years. Prior to that I worked in the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office Crime Laboratory for five and a half years and spent one and a half years with the Los Angeles Police Department, Scientific Investigation Division Crime Laboratory before that.

I joined the California Association of Criminalists in 1992 as a student at the University of California Sacramento while taking a class with Jerry Chisum, who sponsored me. I graduated with my degree in Forensic Science in 1993. I Co-chaired the Resources and Training Committee for several years and have been the Chair of the Northern California Firearms Study Group off and on, going back eight years (currently the Chair again). I am also a regular member of the American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) and the Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners (AFTE). I am certified by the American Board of Criminalistics (ABC) and certified in Firearms, Toolmarks, and Distance Determination by AFTE. I have presented fairly regularly at CAC and AFTE meetings for many years. I was the workshop chair for the 2005 CAC Spring meeting that we hosted in Contra Costa. I am also an assessor for ASCLD/LAB. I, along with my partners Bruce Moran and Mike Giusto, teach Shooting Incident Reconstruction for the California Criminalistics Institute.

In my nearly 20 years in the Forensic Science field I have witnessed many changes. Recently it seems there have been numerous challenges to several of our disciplines and additional scrutiny at the Federal level. I believe more changes are coming in the future. I would be honored to serve as your next president-elect as we navigate our way into the future of forensic science and seek to establish more resources and a unified structure for our field.


I have been a criminalist with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Scientific Services Bureau since September 2007 and a member of the CAC since May 2008. I have been fortunate enough to attend several study groups, seminars and workshops held by the CAC and consider them all invaluable experiences.

I was elected to the Board of Directors two years ago and have enjoyed holding the position of Recording Secretary for my first term. I sincerely look forward to a second term and the various learning experiences the next two years may bring. I would like to encourage any member that has an interest in collaboration with their peers and learning the inner workings of an organization like the CAC to become more involved and consider joining the Board of Directors. My experience thus far has taught me a lot, given me great networking opportunities and allowed me to gain experience as a leader for one of the premiere professional associations in California. I would like to thank the Nominating Committee for asking me to stay on for a second term and the other Board members for their hard work. I look forward to working with this group of accomplished individuals over the next two years.


I am a Senior Criminalist with the California DOJ's Missing Persons DNA Program. I have been with DOJ since I entered this field in 2001 working in the offender Data Bank program. I joined the CAC in 2003 and, since that time, I have attended many seminars, Study Group meetings, and have been on the Board of Directors since 2010 when I became Membership Secretary. In this role, we have made the transition from paper membership records to digital ones, including the implementation of the Member Services website. Being on the Board of Directors has been a great experience and I would be very honored to continue to serve the CAC in that capacity!


I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve as the CAC Regional Director North.

I am currently a Supervising Criminalist at the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Forensic Laboratory and have been a member of the CAC since moving back to California in 2001. I served as the Northern DNA Study Group chair from 2005 until 2012 and in 2013 I served as the Regional Director North.

I strongly believe that professional involvement and the exchange of ideas between the laboratories throughout our state promotes us all to become better Criminalists, and I hope that I have helped to facilitate that in some way by putting on many DNA study groups, presenting a CAC-sponsored north and south DNA workshop in December of 2010 with Jeanette Wallin, and the three northern study group sessions of 2013. I assisted in the creation of the Northern DNA Technical Leaders Study group in order to allow the DNA technical leaders of the northern region to share their successes as well as the challenges that may come with that position. I also oversaw the recent return of the Northern Region CSI Study group and hope for its continued success as a resource to those of us who, like myself, have the additional challenge of crime scene response.

I would appreciate your support and your vote for another term as the Regional Director North.