Candidates for the 2013
CAC Board of Directors


I am a retired Supervising Criminalist from the Kern Regional Crime Laboratory in Bakersfield California. I’ve worked in the capacity of a criminalist both with the Kern County Sheriff’s Department and the Kern County District Attorney’s Office for a combined 35 years. I am also an adjunct professor with Oklahoma State University and a lecturer with Bakersfield Community College. In addition, I have started my own forensic science education and consulting firm Criminalistics Services International, LLC. My membership with the CAC began on my birthday in May of 1982. During those many years I have attended a number of CAC meetings, made presentations, served a brief stint on the Merchandise Committee, served on the Ethics Committee and chaired it for one year. Most recently, I chaired the CAC 2012 Meeting in Bakersfield and prior to that the Spring 2013 CACLD meeting. I have also been an active member with a number of other forensic organizations including the AAFS, where I serve as a FEPAC inspector, the IAI where I serve as chair of the Forensic Laboratory Analysis Subcommittee, AFTE, and CACLD. After 30 years as an active CAC member, I think it is time for me to be more involved in this organization. I now have the time, energy, and enthusiasm to devote my efforts as President-Elect of the CAC. It would be an honor to serve you as your next President-Elect.


I first joined the CAC as a student member in 2001 while working as a student assistant at the California DOJ laboratory in Berkeley. In 2002, I began working full time in the offender databank program, and three years later, I transitioned to the DNA casework section. During this time I attended study groups and seminars as often as I could, and served on the Nominating Committee for several years. For the past three years I have enjoyed serving on the CAC Board of Directors as the Regional Director North. In January, I transitioned to the position of Treasurer. I have spent the past several months getting up to speed on the duties and responsibilities of this new position. I would like the opportunity to continue to serve the CAC in this new capacity. Thank you for your consideration.


I would appreciate your vote and support for an additional two years as your Editorial Secretary.

In early 2012 I retired from my position of director of the Los Angeles Police Department Crime Laboratory. Though I am no longer employed by a criminalistics laboratory, my love for and dedication to the forensic science profession has never been greater. Throughout my career, the majority of my professional involvement and commitment has always been with the California Association of Criminalists and I would like to continue to contribute to our association. I have had the opportunity to hold several committee and leadership positions in the CAC, but I have found my tenure as Editorial Secretary one of the most rewarding. If you feel I have done a good job as the Editorial Secretary, I would appreciate being re-elected.


I have been a Criminalist with the DOJ Riverside Crime Laboratory for approximately the past 15 years, and have been a member of the CAC since 1997. I have previously served on the Awards Committee as the Co-Chair (2005-2009) and would now appreciate the opportunity to continue as your Regional Director, South. Professor Longhetti encouraged us from the very beginning to participate in CAC activities whether this participation was in the form of serving on a committee, Board of Directors, or attending study group meetings or seminars. I am glad I took his advice as I feel I am a better Criminalist today having had the pleasure of meeting a myriad of individuals and being able to draw upon their vault of knowledge. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve as the CAC Regional Director South.