Candidates for the 2012
CAC Board of Directors


I am a Senior Criminalist at the California DOJ Jan Bashinski DNA laboratory. I began my career there in 2001 working in the Offender Data Bank Unit. In 2005 I was transferred to the criminal casework DNA unit. I have been a member of the CAC since 2003 and in that time I have attended several seminars (giving presentations at two of them) and many study group meetings. I have served on the Ethics, Merchandise, and Training & Resources Committees. Since mid-2008 I have been co-webmaster for the CAC website and I am currently the Treasurer's Assistant. I am also a member of the Criminalistics section of AAFS. I would be much honored to continue to serve the CAC as President-Elect and would appreciate your vote.


I have been a criminalist with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Scientific Services Bureau since September 2007, and a member of the CAC since May 2008. In 2011, I had the opportunity to co-chair the CAC Spring 2011 Seminar, held aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Attending CAC Seminars and study groups has allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge pertaining both to my specific forensic discipline and to areas outside of my field. Additionally, my experience planning the Spring 2011 Seminar provided me the chance to show my professional commitment and to test my creative and organizational skills while working closely with peers and colleagues. It is due to the knowledge I have gained from my involvement with the CAC and to the incredible group of forensic professionals that I have worked with, that I would like to become more involved with the organization. I have the utmost respect for CAC as a professional body and would be honored to serve as Recording Secretary.


I am a Senior Criminalist with the California DOJ's Missing Persons DNA Program. I have been with DOJ since I entered this field in 2001 working in the offender Data Bank program. I joined the CAC in 2003 and, since that time, I have attended many seminars and Study Group meetings. In 2007, I served as the General Session Program Coordinator when our laboratory hosted the Fall seminar in Berkeley. When I became Chair of the Merchandise Committee over 6 years ago, I oversaw the successful creation of an online store-front to boost sales. In 2010, I became Membership Secretary and, in that role, we have made the transition from paper membership records to digital ones, including the implementation of the Member Services website. Being on the Board of Directors has been a great experience and I would be very honored to continue to serve the CAC in that capacity!


I first joined the CAC as a student member in 2001 while working as a student assistant at the California DOJ laboratory in Berkeley. In 2002 I began working full time in the offender databank program and three years later I transitioned to the DNA casework section. I have served as the Regional Director North for the past two years, and have enjoyed organizing lunches and study groups for the members in north region. I have had the opportunity to work with a great group on the board and have always made an effort to contribute in a positive manner to the board meetings. It has been a fun, educational experience and I would appreciate another opportunity to serve the CAC as Regional Director North. Thank you for your consideration.