Criminalistics Employment Opportunities


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  2. Which employment opportunities qualify to be posted on this page can be found in CAC Policy Statement 13-008.
  3. We do not post forensic technician jobs - to post a forensic technician job, visit the International Association for Identification website.

To add listings to this page, please contact the webmaster. Your posting will be accessible to more people if it is submitted as a link to the official job listing web site or as simple text. Alternatively, you may submit an Adobe PDF. Be sure to include the pertinent job info, an email contact at your lab, and when the posting is to be removed.

    Updated: September 11, 2017

Lab Manager for Biology & DNA, Broward County, FL (Deadline 11/03/17)
Criminalist III - DNA Technical Leader, San Bernardino County (Deadline ???)
North Louisiana Criminalistics Lab Tox Supervisor (Posted 06/02/17)
Various Forensic Science Positions at the Oak Ridge Associated Universities web site (Continuous)

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