Currently Scheduled Study Group Meetings

Click the links below to see all of the information for the currently scheduled Study Group Meetings, including which study groups are meeting, contact info, reservations information, speaker topics, etc. If you are seeking information on a particular meeting that is not contained in these links, contact the person indicated as the contact person for that meeting.

DISCLAIMER: The persons planning these meetings are responsible for the accuracy of this information and for keeping it up-to-date (not the webmasters of this site).

Date of Meeting ↓ Host Lab Name  
03/29/2016 Los Angeles Sheriff Dept Crime Lab View Meeting Info
06/09/2016 Cal DOJ Richmond- Jan Bashinski DNA Lab View Meeting Info
08/23/2016 Orange County Sheriff Department View Meeting Info
09/28/2016 Firearms ONLY Study Group at Steelworkers Auditorium-Fontana PD View Meeting Info
10/13/2016 Sacramento County DAs Office Crime Lab View Meeting Info